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Review: Cute Cat Mug and Spoon

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Unique Cat Mug

Product: Cute Cat Mug and Spoon

Overseas Shipping Time: 16 Days

Impression: We thought these mugs were adorable when we first came across them in our feed. We liked that they were more unique than your average cat mug in that they came with a lid and stirring spoon. We also liked the hand-painted design and overall quality that they seemed to have.


Reality: We were not disappointed! These mugs are even MORE adorable in person! They are a bit smaller than our first impression, but that only made them cuter when we got an up close and in person glimpse of them. The hand-painted ceramic quality is great and the cup itself feels very high quality in your hand. If you are a cat-lover, this mug is a must-own item. Absolutely purrrfect for a unique gift!

Quality: 5/5
Size: 5/5




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