Review: Cute Airpod Cases

Review: Cute Airpod Cases

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Here at JamSam, we purchase a sample of all our products so that we can provide honest feedback about their quality and features. As part of that commitment, we provide reviews of our products when we receive them so we can pass that knowledge on to our costumer.

Product: Cute AirPod Cases

Overseas Shipping Time: 13 Days

Impression: Everyone seems to have a pair of AirPods these days. We see them everywhere. That is what interested us in carrying these cute AirPod cases! We ordered the Dino version for the Airpods Pro.

 Cute AirPod Cases at JamSam

cute airpod cases at jamsam

Reality: This case was great. The colors and style were exactly as depicted. The silicon material is hearty and protects the Airpods case well. The case also came with a small carabiner to click onto the side so that you can hang your AirPods in your bag or backpack so that you don't lose them. This little guy was immediately adopted by my son Marin and got right to work!

Quality 5/5


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