Lunch Bag for Women

Review: Charming Lunch Bag

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Here at JamSam, we purchase a sample of all our products so that we can provide honest feedback about their quality and features. As part of that commitment, we provide reviews of our products when we receive them so we can pass that knowledge on to our costumer. If the product doesn't meet our minimum standards, we will discontinue it.

cute lunch bag for women

Product: Charming Lunch Bag

Overseas Shipping Time: 17 Days

Impression: We absolutely loved this product when we first saw it trending on Pinterest. It was charming, functional, and the quality stood out. The material and the stitching looked durable so we ordered it.

Cute lunch bag for women

Reality: The product arrived very much as we imagined. The Oxford material is very high quality. The stitching and handles are made of soft leather and are also hight quality. The color is very accurate to the product shots, and the zipper is durable. The inside is insulated to keep items hot or cold. We ordered the bigger size and it's incredibly roomy and able to hold several items. We love it!

Quality: 5/5
Durability: 5/5


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