Review: Pom Pom Rope Basket

Review: Pom Pom Rope Basket

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Here at JamSam, we purchase a sample of all our products so that we can provide honest feedback about their quality and features. As part of that commitment, we provide reviews of our products when we receive them so we can pass that knowledge on to our costumer.

Product: Pom Pom Rope Basket

Overseas Shipping Time: 10 Days

Impression: One trend that we are really interested in is baskets. We use baskets for everything, and they are always in style. When we found this product, we liked the way it looked and that it came in three different sizes.


Rope Basket

Reality: This basket was as cute as expected and very well made. The color is true to the pictures and stitching is well done. We were pleased with the "pom pom" design and the pom poms are sewed on tight and not too flimsy. We got the 27cm (smallest) basket and our cat jumped right in it! So if it's cat approved, how can you go wrong? LOL!

Quality: 5/5


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